WooCommerce GDPR

An excellent article on WooCommerce (and WordPress) GDPR – https://businessbloomer.com/how-to-make-a-woocommerce-website-gdpr-compliant-12-steps/

Disable deferred/transaction email sending

WooCommerce 3 now defers sending of emails such as the new order emails. The idea that moving them out from the procedural code allows for faster checkouts in many environment. Nice.

Bring back “Remove all data”

The rather dangerous “Remove all data” checkbox in WooCommere was removed in WooCommerce 3.

No need to add a plugin, here’s how to bring back this functionality. 

Pretty logs in WooCommerce

One of the changes in WooCommerce 2.7 is an improved log system. Along with that came an option to change from text files to database logging. It lets us view, filter and sort logs right from the admin area. It comes with a shiny new interface on the WooCommerce admin status page. 

Change backorder text

The default “Available for back order” message in WooCommerce is a little unhelpful to customers.
Use this function to change the message to something more suitable for your customers.

Renaming Shipping

Don’t like the “Shipping” terminology?  Or the Shipping concept isn’t really relevant, maybe you deliver items locally without using a ship?

Remove downloads from menu in my account page

Many WooCommerce sites only sell physical goods and having a “Downloads” option in the customer’s “My Account” page can be confusing and unnecessary. There is a really easy way to remove this.

How to change any text string

There are times you don’t want to translate the whole installation of WordPress or one of its plugins such as WooCommerce. Here’s a little line of code which will work for you instantly.

Change Shipping Text on Checkout

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