WooCommerce Blocks 4.1 Release Notes

A new version of WooCommerce Blocks has been released! Version 4.1.0 is now available for download from GitHub and WordPress.org.

This release introduces full compatibility with WordPress 5.6, validation for Checkout block (client and server-side) and a bunch of bug fixes. Thanks again to all of you who are using the new blocks and reporting things you’d like improved!

Address Validation in Checkout

Previous versions included client side validation for checkout input, this release takes it one step further and introduced more validation in the client side, and full validation in the backend.

WordPress 5.6 Compatibility

With WordPress 5.6 out, we ensured that all of our blocks are compatible with it, fixing any deprecation notices in our way.



  • Add the ability to directly upload an image in Featured Category and Featured Product blocks. (3579)
  • Fix coupon code button height not adapting to the font size. (3575)
  • Fixed Coupon Code panel not expanding/contracting in some themes. (3569)
  • Fix: Added fallback styling for screen reader text. (3557)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix nonce issues when adding product to cart from All Products. (3598)
  • Fix bug inside Product Search in the editor. (3578)
  • Fix console warnings in WordPress 5.6. (3577)
  • Fixed text visibility in select inputs when using Twenty Twenty-One theme’s dark mode. (3554)
  • Fix product list images skewed in Widgets editor. (3553)
  • Correctly validate fields containing white space on the checkout.
  • Add address validation to values posted to the Checkout via StoreApi. (3552)
  • Fix Fees not visible in Cart & Checkout blocks when order doesn’t need shipping. (3521)


  • Fix All Products block edit screen. (3547)

wp dependency

  • Bumped the minimum WP required version to 5.4. (3537)
  • Removed compatibility with packages in WordPress 5.3. (3541)

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