WooCommerce Blocks 3.6.0 release notes

A new version of WooCommerce Blocks has been released! Version 3.6.0 is available for download from GitHub and WordPress.org.

This release is fully compatible with WooCommerce 4.6, scheduled to be released tomorrow, and includes several bug fixes to the Checkout block payment flow.

We’ve also updated the blocks styles so that they’re loaded after the WP editor CSS, ensuring blocks look more similar between the frontend of the store and the editor.

For developers

We fixed an inconsistency in the payment methods API with the retry property in the checkoutAfterProcessingWithSuccess/Error observers. Now it defaults to true if it’s not defined. We also introduced a shouldRetry method that allows adding more complex rules to whether a payment method should offer a customer the option to retry after a failed payment. You can read more details in the Checkout Block Flow documentation.

We’ve also changed how the payment method tabs are loaded: prior to this release the content of all tabs was rendered on page load, but with this update, only the content of the selected tab will be rendered. This will ensure better performance for sites with many payment methods and will remove the need for payment gateways to check if they are the active one or not.


Bug fixes

  • Make ‘retry’ property on errors from checkoutAfterProcessingWithSuccess/Error observers default to true if it’s undefined. (3261)
  • Ensure new payment methods are only displayed when no saved payment method is selected. (3247)
  • Load WC Blocks CSS after editor CSS. (3219)
  • Restore saved payment method data after closing an express payment method. (3210)


  • Don’t load contents of payment method hidden tabs. (3227)

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