WooCommerce Blocks 3.4.0 release notes

There’s a new version of the WooCommerce Blocks plugin. Version 3.4.0 is now available on WordPress.org and GitHub.

This release is mostly a fix release with a few notable bug fixes and a performance fix.

Fixed issue with shopper saved payment method overriding default selected new payment method. With this bug if a shopper had a saved card for Stripe but selected a new payment method and left the default selected payment method option (that might not be Stripe depending on what order your store payment methods are configured in), then Stripe would be attempted for making the purchase instead of the payment method selected.

Fix broken Cart and Checkout Block sidebar layout in some themes. We discovered that some Storefront child themes didn’t define box-sizing: border-box; for some elements, so we implemented a change that helps with more consistent Cart and Checkout display in those themes.

Improve performance of Checkout block. Some browser environments (in particular Firefox mobile) exhibited significant lag with the checkout block interactions. In this release we implemented some improvements to component structure and implementation that dramatically improves performance.

Remove hard-coded wp-login.php url. Rather than using a hardcoded path for the login link in the checkout block (when configured to show), we switched to using wp_login_url for generating this link. This exposes a login_url filter for stores that want more control over where shoppers login to the store.

Fix an issue with COD not showing when first enabled. Some WooCommerce blocks users were sharing with us about not seeing the COD payment method as an option with the blocks when enabled. We finally tracked down why that was happening and fixed in this release.

More automated tests added. This isn’t reflected in the changelog but I thought it’s worth mentioning that every release we’re increasing our automated test coverage of the blocks and critical flows to help surface problems quicker as we iterate on the blocks.


Bug Fixes

  • Ensure shopper saved card is used as default payment method (default was being overwritten in some circumstances). (3131)
  • Fix Cart & Checkout sidebar layout broken in some themes. (3111)
  • Fix product reviews schema date fields to use new (WP 5.5) date-time format. (3109)
  • Use wp_login_url instead of hardcoding login path. (3090)
  • Fix an issue with COD not showing when first enabled. (3088)
  • Fix JS console error when COD is enabled and no shipping method is available. (3086)


  • Create DebouncedValidatedTextInput component. (3108)


  • Merge ProductPrice atomic block and component. (3065)

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