WooCommerce Blocks 2.8 release notes

Today we are releasing WC Blocks 2.8.0! It’s available for download from GitHub and WordPress.org.

Beginning with 2.6.0, in which we included the preview for the Cart and Checkout blocks, WooCommerce Blocks has gone back to a bi-weekly release schedule. This allows us to ship improvements faster and get feedback earlier as a part of the development process.

More Cart and Checkout blocks improvements

This release introduces several improvements to how our blocks work with different themes. Blocks will inherit font colors of your theme, as well as interpolate border colors from the text color. Along with several updates and fixes to styles, this release also fixes an issue with Product Categories List block when used on full width, addresses respecting the tax settings in the shipping methods, and adds the ability to use cropped images in the All Products, Cart, Checkout, and All Reviews blocks.

cropped images in the Cart block.

You can read the full changelog below:

  • bug: Cart and Checkout blocks display shipping methods with tax rates if that’s how it’s set in the settings. #2748
  • bug: Fix an error appearing in the Product Categories List block with Full Width align. #2700
  • enhancement: Added aria-expanded attribute to Change address button in the Cart block #2603
  • enhancement: Fix updating the wc_reserve_stock stock_quantity value after making changes to the cart inbetween checkouts. #2747
  • enhancement: Remove background color from Express checkout title. #2704
  • enhancement: Several style enhancements to the Cart and Checkout blocks sidebar. #2694
  • enhancement: The Cart and Checkout blocks now use the font colors provided by the theme. #2745
  • enhancement: Update some class names to match the new guidelines. Check the docs in order to see which class names have been updated. #2691 [DN]
  • enhancement: Blocks now respect the product image cropping settings. For the All Products block, the user can switch between the cropped thumbnail and the full size image. #2755

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