Meet the new WooCommerce Home

The upcoming WooCommerce 4.3 release on July 7th introduces a brand-new Home screen. The current dashboard does a great job helping a merchant stay on top of the statistics and data that matter most to a store, but we want to go beyond that. In the new Home experience, merchants can navigate to any area of their stores; find information about WooCommerce, store achievements, and useful content; and stay on top of store stats, all in one spot.

The new Home Screen in WooCommerce

A sneak peak of what’s included


The Inbox was already available via the Activity Panel. Now you’ll also find it on the new Home screen — and it includes a “dismiss” option, so store owners can close out the messages and reduce on-screen clutter. 

Stats Overview

Use this for a quick overview of a store’s most important performance indicators, as defined by the store owner. Select up to six data points — choose from options like Total Sales, Orders, or Items sold — for quick access to detailed reports on each metric. 

Store Management

The Store Management area offers quick access to some of the most important areas of a store, such as adding products or editing specific settings. Future enhancements to the Home screen include the abilities to accomplish tasks like fulfilling orders and tweak specific settings without ever leaving the screen.

Accessing the new Home

The new WooCommerce Home will be the default home screen for all new stores as of WooCommerce 4.3, which comes out on July 7th. If you have an existing store, you get to decide when to start using it: it will be disabled by default, and you can enable it by heading to WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > Features.

We’re just getting started

This is just the beginning of a Home experience that will help merchants effectively manage day-to-day operations from one central,  customized home screen. A Home that evolves with their business. 

We’re keen to hear your feedback. Feel free to share your ideas on our Ideas Board or on the GitHub repository where we’re building this new experience.

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