Centralized Coupon Management – available for testing

As was outlined in the post for the new WooCommerce Marketing Hub we are looking to make it the place from which merchants can manage all their marketing needs for their WooCommerce stores.

As part of this vision we are moving the existing coupon management interface in WooCommerce core to be located within the Marketing Hub. This change can now be tested via the 1.3.0 release of the WooCommerce Admin.

We’ll be looking to include this change in the next release of WooCommerce core which is due for release in August 2020.

What has changed?

For now, all that has changed is the location of the coupon management interface. If you’ve seen the proposal for the new menu system we are working on for WooCommerce you will now also be able to see how this change in the menu structure starts to align with the larger overall vision for the future of WooCommerce.

When a merchant visits the existing Coupons menu item in WooCommerce they will be redirected to the new location and shown a message to inform them of the change and allow them to remove the legacy coupon menu item.

Merchants will be prompted to remove the legacy coupon menu item

In a future release of WooCommerce we will look to remove this “guided migration notice”.

The new coupons menu item – located in the Marketing Hub

From the new location, merchants will still be able to create new coupons as well as manage existing ones. We also make a few recommendations to a curated selection of coupon extensions that merchants can use, as well as guides and tips on coupon use.

As with the other recommendations in the Marketing Hub, you won’t receive these suggestions if you have already opted-out of Marketplace Suggestions.

How can I test the change?

The easiest way to test the change is to install the latest version of the WooCommerce Admin plugin. We have done various rounds of testing while working on this change to ensure it does not break any existing workflows – but as always, it would help to get additional merchants, developers and extension developers to test the change with their own stores and/or extensions.

I noticed a bug, where can I report it?

If you come across a bug or something did not work as expected please open an issue on our Github repo so that we can look into it.

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